2nd Book of Coterie Series

The second book of the Coterie Series is underway. Although there is no title yet, the story has a great beginning and the end is fantastic. All I have to do is to meander through a series of events to tie the two together. That is the format I used for my first book, Motive. And as the first book was initiated by, and centered on character Joe Morgan, the second book will be mostly about another Coterie member, Harry Doyle. Of course the whole group get involved in his exploits and lend their special skills.

I am planning to write a series of books, each focusing on a separate member of the Coterie. Already, there is another character that will surface throughout the story and I have asked readers to suggest names for him. He will be a confidential informant (CI) who is more of a friend of Harry’s than just a street level informant. Although I have received numerous names that are interesting, and some that were a bit cheesy, I am still open for suggestions. At this time I am into chapter 5 and trying to figure out which of three directions I want the story to follow. I will pick the best path for the readers.

Where to get a Motive?

In Buffalo NY copies of MOTIVE can be purchased at Turning Leaves bookstore on Elmwood Avenue in the University District, at Dog Ears bookstore on Abbott Road in South Buffalo, or at the Towne Restaurant in Allentown. It can also be ordered through Barnes and Noble bookstores. MOTIVE is available on Amazon and Kindle. It can also be ordered through my publisher, NFB Publishing.

Crime novelist Dennis Adams to host first book-signing event

Crime novelist Dennis Adams to host first book-signing event

Crime fiction author, private investigator and retired Buffalo Police detective Dennis M. Adams will hold a book-signing event for his first novel, Motive, from 2 to 4:30 p.m. Saturday, April 17. The event will take place at the Towne Restaurant, 186 Allen St., Buffalo.

A West Seneca resident, Adams delves deep into his many years of experience as an Army intelligence analyst and detective to create the characters for his first novel. He holds a bachelors degree in criminal justice from Buffalo State College.

With a typical murder investigation, most homicide detectives would be satisfied if they could prove how the homicide occurred, who committed the murder, what weapon was used, and establish where and when the crime occurred. In Motive, that would not be enough for Joe Morgan, the retired homicide chief whose grandson, Sean, was intentionally run down and killed by a hit-and-run driver. To further complicate matters, Joes son, Mike, Seans father, is also a lieutenant in the police department. The police departments finding that the killer is deceased has all but closed the investigation. However, it had been unable to find a motive for the murder, and this of course leaves open the possibility that either Mike or Joe may have been the actual intended target. Until the motive is discovered, there is a chance that whomever directed the killing could strike again.

Free coffee and food discounts will be offered during the April 17 event. For more information, please follow Motive by Dennis M. Adams on Facebook for frequent updates. The book is also available on amazon.com for those who cannot make the upcoming event.


This is my first attempt at blogging so please bear with me. I am hoping to be more informative and interesting as time goes on.

For years I have desired to write a novel but either the job(s), or family, or other necessities of life precluded any dedicated effort. Then earlier this year when the Covid-19 pandemic led to a full blown shut-down of society, my practice as a Private Investigator came to a screeching halt. I had already dropped the writing of a novel from my bucket list as it was now so unlikely. But for some reason in the second week of March I leafed through an old Writer’s Digest Yearbook which was filled with articles dedicated to “Novel Writing.” It laid out all the basics of a novel, had inspirational passages to motivate, and since I had absolutely nothing to do…I began writing. Working 4-5 hours a day from March 16th through May 18th, with only two non-writing days, I finished a 316 page, 76,000 word novel.

I was pretty proud of myself. So much so, that I went through several reams of three-holed paper and printed up four copies of “the book” which was so cleverly named “The Coterie.” I handed it out to friends and family to read and review. I almost forced it on one or two people. Then the reviews came in. It was a great story that moved along well, but there were many, many spelling and grammar mistakes. And nobody knew what a coterie was. Then I figured out that if nobody was drawn to the book because they didn’t understand the title – then it was a bad title. So as I examined the theme of the story and looked for simplicity, I realized that there could only be one word that summed up everything, “Motive.”

That brings me to the current predicament. I found out that writing the dang book was the easy part. Now I am looking for an agent or a publisher. I am finding out about query letters and rejection emails. And I am finding out who my friends truly are and how generous other writers are with the advice and support they offer. This seems to be an uphill battle with a catch-22 rule book. But I am told that every query letter will be an improvement over the last one sent, and even some of the rejection notices give encouragement and hope. And the most recent crucial advice received from a fellow crime novelist was for me to join several writer’s associations, which she recommended, as well as establishing a social media presence, and to create a website blog. So, here I am, and I will keep you informed of my persistence and little successes. Hopefully, in the not too distant future I will be able to tell you who is going to publish Motive and when it will hit the market.