About Dennis M. Adams

DENNIS M. ADAMS is a Novelist and Private Investigator. Of the two he finds that the writing of crime fiction can definitely be more exciting.
Dennis lives in Western New York with his wife, Evy, and their greyhound. After a stint with the Army as an Intelligence Analyst in Viet Nam, he returned to  college earning a BS in Criminal Justice. He then joined the Buffalo NY Police Department where he developed his skills as a Detective. After retiring, he followed what seemed to be a natural path; he became a Private Investigator.

Using his skills as an investigator, borrowing from his life experiences, and relearning his English grammar, he found time during the pandemic lock-down to complete his debut novel, Motive. Although it scratched “Write a novel” from his bucket list, it added a couple more goals; “Get an agent” and “Get Motive published”. With the help and guidance from NFB Publishing, Motive was published in 2021.

He has since published his second Coterie novel, City Hall Secrets, published in February of 2022, and is currently working on book three of the Coterie Series novels.