Motive has been selling at a steady and consistent pace

Motive has been selling at a steady and consistent pace, although in much less volume than I had hoped for. I found that my life long goal of writing a novel was left somewhat hollow. I say that because after I completed putting a fantastic story down in black and white, had it professionally edited, and jumped through all the hoops my publisher requested, only to find that I have another hurdle to jump; marketing and promotions. Aside from trying to find time to devote to the writing of my 2nd book I have the distraction of getting Motive out to the public. After all, you can have the best gadget, tool, garment, or book in the entire world and nobody will buy it if they don’t know it is out there. So I am doing my best to learn the art of promotion and the science of marketing. I am comfortable with book-signing events and addressing book clubs, but have a hard time learning to maneuver through the internet media world. I believe the word for me is troglodyte. Yep, I’m definitely a trog. So as I muddle through I will keep you informed of the progress. In the meanwhile I am going to try to steal away a couple hours to work on chapter 7 of the next coterie series novel.