2nd Book of Coterie Series

The second book of the Coterie Series is underway. Although there is no title yet, the story has a great beginning and the end is fantastic. All I have to do is to meander through a series of events to tie the two together. That is the format I used for my first book, Motive. And as the first book was initiated by, and centered on character Joe Morgan, the second book will be mostly about another Coterie member, Harry Doyle. Of course the whole group get involved in his exploits and lend their special skills.

I am planning to write a series of books, each focusing on a separate member of the Coterie. Already, there is another character that will surface throughout the story and I have asked readers to suggest names for him. He will be a confidential informant (CI) who is more of a friend of Harry’s than just a street level informant. Although I have received numerous names that are interesting, and some that were a bit cheesy, I am still open for suggestions. At this time I am into chapter 5 and trying to figure out which of three directions I want the story to follow. I will pick the best path for the readers.